Great for Ranches, Livestock and Marking Boundaries.



Common Styles Available:


- 'Smooth Wire' for marking boundaries.

- 6 strands of Barbed Wire.

- Field Fence:

   949 - 9 Horizontal wires, 49" tall.

   1348 - 13 Horizontal wires, 48" tall.


<- Fence in picture features:


- 1348 Field Fence. The size of the square decreases  as the panel get closer to the floor. This fence is great for horses as it lessens the chance of them getting their hoof stuck in the fence.


- Bottom and Top Barbed Wire. Bottom barbed wire decreases the risk of pigs burrowing in to the property. Top Barbed Wire decreases the risk of animals pushing down on the fence to lower the height and minimizes escape.


- Wood Post H frame work. This design utilizes 2 vertical posts, 1 horizontal post and smooth wire as a diagonal brace. It allows us to make the fence as taut as possible while minimizing the stress on the corner and end posts.